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Our Soul Centre Presents


Ceremonial Loose Incense ~ Smudge & Aura Sprays

Handcrafted with Herbs, Flowers, & Tree Resins

As the creator of your own path, as you all know, working with Intentions is an important piece in moving forward. 

Establishing our Intentions from the beautiful place of our heart, combined with the potent energies of herbs, flowers and trees provides us with profoundly loving & powerful results. 

Each Ceremonial Loose Incense ~ Smudge & Aura Spray is a carefully selected blend of powerful herbs, flowers & trees that aligns & enhances the energy of your unique Intentions, intensifying your desired outcome. 

Ceremonial Loose Incense & Aura Sprays are a simple & effective way to establish your connection to Spirit, set & amplify your Intentions, or cleanse & clear the energy around you & your space.