with Connie Brushett

Helping you to remember & honor your own medicine

Guided Meditations allow you the opportunity to take a break from all outside sources, and slip into a place of peace, being guided through imagery to heal, transform and inspire your life. 

   Following our divine path is a remarkable triumph and these meditations can be a gift to add in along the way. 

                       Join myself Connie Brushett through these meditations, and the gentle serene music, bringing real transformations into Your Life! 

**Please feel free to explore through these pages (Click on image picture for each CD) to listen to the 'short clips' of each of these meditations.** 

Please enjoy this wonderful meditation called

"Simply Grateful"

I bless each of you, as you listen to this meditation and enjoy the peace it brings to you. 

Simply relax into the splendor of all that we are gifted with. Feel the nurturing that Mother Earth provides for us. As we give loving gratitude back to all the things that give to us freely. This is a chance to begin anew. 

Simply Grateful.mp3


You have created beautiful audio medicine with these meditations Connie. They are such a pure download of Light ~ your soothing voice, the exquisite music, the guided meditations are deeply transformational, restorative and rejuvenating. I felt a hum through my whole body of light penetrating all of my cells, right to the core, and a peace that was both grounded and ethereal ~ Pamela Gerrand (Singer, Song Writer)

Hi Connie! I just listened to the first meditation. Thanks so much for offering this. Your voice and the piano music is very soothing and relaxing ~ R. Percy

Connie has been guided to bring forth & inspire others with her creativity and vibrant energy with these wonderful meditations

Message from Connie

I personally want to Thank each one of you for joining me on this journey, and I am honored to be apart of your journey. I have been guided to follow my passions over the years, developing these wonderful meditations, and opening up 'Our Soul Centre' to help bring forth more awareness to everyone! 

I have been discovering my passions, who I am & celebrating me, challenging myself to 'come out of the box', listening to Spirits messages and following those inner passions that arrive so that I may be a light in humanity. 

As we are all a light of love in divinity!