In Shamanic traditions it is believed that every person has a spirit guide and protector that present themselves in the form of an animal. This type of spirit guide is known as “Power Animal”, “Totem Animal”, or “Spirit Animal”.

Your power animal is your guardian angel or spirit. The power animal is with you from birth, providing you with protection, guidance and power. Sometimes through trauma, personal or spiritual neglect, we can lose connection with our Power Animal. When this happens we may feel a loss of energy, a sense of loneliness in the world, a lack of personal power, or a weakened immune system. The Shaman can find your Animal through ‘Journeying’ and reintroduce you with this spirit.

Usually we have more than one Power Animal in our lifetime. Power animals can be with us for a varying period of time and some for our whole life; and as such it is important that we enter into a relationship with our animal’s spirit in a meaningful way.  Learning some basic skills to build a relationship with our new spirit helpers is essential to maintain a healthy relationship with them.

The process of “Power Animal Retrieval” is a technique where the Shaman goes on a Journey into the spirit worlds on behalf of the client. This is usually accompanied by the rhythmic drumming, and rattling. The Shaman then finds and brings back the Power Animal so that its healing energy can be reconnected to the client.

Sometimes Power Animals can give us a sign, right before or after, a Power Animal Retrieval. The power animal can be very generous in giving us confirmation in our ordinary reality, that yes the retrieval was real.


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