Sessions with Connie are a blend of Reiki & Shamanic Practices
Each session is valued at $80
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Shamanic Reiki

A perfect blend of two ancient wisdom systems!

       Every shift in consciousness that you are empowered to make each and every

 moment ripples  throughout the entire web of life ~Sandra Ingerman


Shamanic Reiki invites you to open your heart and let your intuition guide you, as we merge with the healing forces of the earth& elements.

Shamanism is founded on the view that all life has consciousness, as each human is a subtle energy system in constant relationship to a vast sea of energies surrounding us.  Reiki practitioners are able to channel and open the pathways for the Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy, empowering us with harmonizing & balancing energies.

Combining these 2 powerful healing modalities & lifestyles we are able to multiply the possibilities that can be achieved. This makes for a potent healing method to remove any auric blockages, and any other energies that could be affecting a person’s etheric or spiritual body; bringing harmony & balance back into your life.

Both Reiki Practitioners& Shamanic Practitioners acknowledge that the ability to heal comes from “Helping Spirits & the Universal Life Force Energy”. They both are able to ask the higher energies & compassionate helping spirits to guide them, to accomplish the greatest good.

As we open to Spirit, we trust our intuition. As we open our hearts, our intuition grows and takes us where it will. The Spirit world infuses the Shamanic Reiki Practitioner with the power, wisdom and energy to effect the change needed on an individual base as well as in this world. With Spirit as our teacher, offering us guidance, we are gifted a relationship honoring a powerful connection to the elements & helping Spirits. 

Ancient cultures all over the world knew that the world was broken into the four elements with Spirit as the fifth element. Each of these elements is a different aspect of Universal Life Force Energy (Reiki) and comes from “Source / Spirit”. Remembering our oneness with the elements rejuvenates our bodies, shifts our consciousness and nurtures our soul. It connects us to what is sacred and helps us change in ways that change the world.

This includes:

·         The air we breathe and the winds that cleanse our planet;

·         The waters we drink and that flow over the earth’s body;

·         The fire from the sun that warms us and the fire of stars, volcanoes & the deep recesses of the earth;

·         The earth herself, plants, animals, rocks, minerals, and trees.

·         Ancestral, human, and other compassionate helping spirits.

By communicating and merging with these energies, we connect to the world around us. We become empowered and alive! By realizing that we are not separate, but in fact inseperate from all things, we find harmony and balance within. The ecosystem in which we are apart of becomes something to cherish as an extension of ourselves. We see all things as Sacred. We begin to care about our environment and our compassion grows.

 Shamanic Practitioner Does:

·         Interact & merge with compassionate helping spirits, Ancestors & Spirit Guides.

·         Ancient spirits and animal guides are often called upon to help with healing and giving energy.

·         Work with the patterns that you wish to change, by tracing them to the imprints in your energy field, and clearing them.

·         Coming to the heart of the matter, as all illness comes from a spiritual imbalance.

·         I work and ask my guides to intercede on your behalf to heal these problems.

       Reiki Practitioner Does:

·         Connects with the Universal Life Force Energy

·         Restores natural flow of energy through the body & energy systems by cleansing the Aura & Energetic Bodies; releasing & reducing stress to promote healing on all levels

·         Use of Sacred Reiki Symbols to enhance the healing energies

·         Work with Spiritual guides, Angels, & Ancestors to bring forth the highest and best healing


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       Use of Shamanic Tools:

Shamanic tools can be very simple, sacred items simply from the earth, as all living things carry healing in some way. Connecting with the universal energy of the tools, allows the healing within these spiritual items to transfer through the healing sessions.

·         They can be a simple flower on the sidewalk, a stone in your backyard, a stick from the brush, a falling leaf, a feather, a crystal.

·         The energy within a sacred object can be used to help release blocked energies within the aura.

·         The use of drums, rattles or any other musical instrument in a rhythmic way, allows our mind & body to connect to the Earth. As rhythmic music alters the brain wave patterns inducing alpha and theta brain waves facilitating deeper relaxation, allowing for a deeper healing state.

·         Drums & rattles are known to cleanse our energy field and harmonize the flow of energy.

·         Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar, or Palo Santo can/are also used during sessions, to help bring balance to the energies within the space, the human aura, and for setting intentions creating ceremony. 

        Ways a session can help you to move forward in life!

·         Improve your state of health and wellbeing from within

·         Increase the feelings hope in your life

·         Bringing light & wisdom into your life

·         Returning balance and peace back into your lives

·         Helps increase the flow of spiritual energy, thereby regaining the balance that was lost.

·         Begin to transform; we see that in order to move forward in life, we have to actively take part in our growth and healing.

·         Find wholeness in your life

·         Healthy engagement with your life

·         Live &  flow through the river of life, rather than against it

·         Be engaged with the creativity of your life

·         Shift your life in a new direction

·         Live a deeper & more meaningful life

·         Rediscover the beautiful gift that you are

·         Take your power back, releasing the “victim state”

·         Once the energetic balance has been restored, healing occurs and physical symptoms may even disappear and life can resume as “usual”. Your consciousness will have been healed so that you will be able to look at the world with “new eyes”.

·         Reconnect with aspects of yourself that you may have been cut off from. When we reconnect to our true selves, we regain our personal power, strength and health. We then become an active force in our own health. 

·         By restoring the flow of energy, it allows the body to relax, de-stress and can bring a natural equilibrium back to the body.

·         Write a new map for your life, and discover new ways to achieve this daily in your life


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Reasons why a session may be for you, things that can happen in a session

People who are seeking a deeper healing, know that on some level it is necessary to begin shifting their own beliefs, attitudes, environments & relationships; sometimes these are not easy to do (depending on each of their situations) Yet each person knows that it must be done, a calling, a yearning to become free from the old patterns, pain & suffering. Yet they feel as they do not know how to heal the things that are “just under the surface”.

·         Many of our energetic imbalances are “just under the surface” as painful experiences (physical injury, loss of a loved one or relationship, or other trauma ) can be seen in Spiritual Reality as a ‘tear’ or ‘imprint’ left in our energy field. When this ‘imprint’ is not healed in the energy field it can move into our emotional reality, and our physical reality.

Once this manifests in the physical and emotional self it can be nearly impossibly to clear by working solely on the physical body with medicine, or the emotional self with psychotherapy or counseling because these ‘imprints remain in the energy field, creating the patterns you see in the emotional & physical levels of yourself.

This can be why so many feel that they struggle to move forward and improve their lives, despite the best intentions; as these ‘imprint’ will continue to control our emotional& physical realities until they are removed.

 **I do highly recommend seeing a medical professional, Psychotherapist& or Counselor, as exploring all the options in combination with energy therapy, can be very beneficial for working on the whole of body system.**


·         Each and every day we are bombarded with an overload of information, sensory images, lights, screens and more. We can feel like we are being suffocated from this overload, but we get back up and do it again & again. Generally, overtime we can come to feelings of wanting to let go, get away, sickness, dizziness, breakdowns, stress levels to high, feelings of something is wrong, depression, headaches and more.

·         Heavy energies are cleaned from your Chakras and Energy Fields, as well as toxic energies that may be in our body. Repairing and revitalizing the Chakras & Energy Fields is done as needed per person.

·         Subconscious beliefs that you may have held onto that were established in your early life can be holding you back. These can be removed & replaced with beliefs of your choosing.

·         Sessions can be seen as “Spiritual Hygiene”, getting that ‘checkup’ on our Spiritual self to ensure we are moving forward in our life free from any & all ‘imbalances, imprints, intrusions, heavy energies’ and more.

·         Many times we are able to feel an overpowering sensation of ‘other people’s energy’, as energy is all around us coming from other people, situations, animals, plants, trees, the Earth, the sun, the stars, electronic machines, buildings, telephones, wires, as well as our thoughts, emotions, actions, habits and how we respond to the events in our lives also impacts how the energy flows through us.


Energetic Intrusions:

·         It is important to remember that “Intrusions” are not bad but are only misplaced energy created through our thought processes or can are picked up from people, and our environment.

·         Spiritual / energetic blockages can exist within the aura of the body and can cause imbalances.

·         Imbalances can restrict our life force, our energy, impacting our day to day life, through our emotional and physical levels.

·         Imbalances are often caused by thought forms, emotions, suppressed emotions,  energetic vibrations, negative self-thought, wounded memories, past circumstances, past life wounds, other people’s energies and these can all hinder us from being in harmony within ourselves.

·         These energetic intrusions can over time cause stress, trauma and illness if allowed to restrict the natural flow of life force energy within the body. By restoring the flow of energy, it allows the body to relax, de-stress and can bring a natural equilibrium back to the body.

·         Intrusions can appear as tangible shapes and forms in spiritual reality.


Energetic Cords:

Energetic Cords can keep us connected to people we know or people we once knew; loved & cherished; had negative feelings, experiences & emotions to; As well as ‘contracts’, places & objects. These cords can connect to us, just as we are able to connect cords to others. Connecting us to everyone & everything in the universe.

Some energy stands make us feel vibrant and alive. Others deplete & weaken us. Releasing the cords that bind you, and strengthen the ones that heal you. Allowing peace & balance to flow through you

The choice is ours to heal these unhealthy energetic cords!

Positive / Light Cords

·         The relationship is one of peace, amity, love, and independence.

·         They radiate warmth, love, and peace.

·         Appear in strong areas of the body and have roots deep to our core ‘Being’, to our Higher Self.

·         These cords make up our energetic system.

Negative / Dark Cords

·         Can exist from unhealthy relationships; relationships formed from anger, jealousy, envy, pity, pain, co-dependence and hatred.

·         Unhealthy expectations.

·         Can root down into the body, in weak areas & energy systems.


Things to Know Before the Shamanic Reiki Session:

1.       The healing begins the moment when the client first schedules the session. You’ve set intentions, which activates subtle healing forces within spiritual reality. Which causes shifts in “ordinary” reality. Synchronicities and cleansings can manifest in your daily life. Until the session, pay attention to these & your dreams.

2.      Write them down, and also write down any new insights into why you scheduled the appointment in the first place. Get yourself a notepad or something that can be used as a journal.

3.      Pay attention to unexpected events and honor whatever emotions bubble up. Beautiful, magical and strange things can occur and you should take notice, for all are spirit’s nudges. Remember, nothing is coincidence, and everything happens for a reason.



After your Shamanic Reiki session:

1.       Eat and drink plenty of water for the next few days. Often a Shamanic Reiki session manifests with similar symptoms associated with detox, and plenty of water is important to flush away those toxins.

2.      Sleep and or rest to the best of your ability. 8+ hours a night is recommended!

3.      Record and document any odd or exhilarating dreams. These are also detox-like symptoms.

4.      Follow-up& share your impressions of the session.

5.      Plan for your next appointment.

6.      Consider giving a testimonial.


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Shamanism is the most ancient form of healing, practiced by humans throughout many cultures.  A Shamanic Practitioner is a healer who goes into an altered state of consciousness to access a hidden reality in the Spirit World through drumming and/or rattling.  Shamanic Practitioner's believe that all problems, physical, emotional or mental have their root cause in spiritual imbalance.  Shamanic Practitioner's, with the help of spirit allies, restore balance and wholeness by addressing the root cause of the problem.

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