Private Singing Bowl Soundbaths &

 Private Singing Bowl Massages

Enter a world of vibration and sensation with Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapeutic sessions and experience deep peace, healing and meditative rest. 

New 2018 Prices

2 Styles of Private Sessions are offered:

SoundBath The receiver (while still fully clothed) lies on their back and the bowls are placed and played beside and around the body.  

60 mins. $65.00

Massage The receiver (while still fully clothed) is guided through lying on their back, sides and belly; while the bowls are placed and played directly on specific parts of the body;  Providing an even deeper experience of the vibrations.

  90 mins. $108


Both styles provide the sounds and vibrations to soothe you into a deep meditative resting space, where all you have to do is show up and allow the sounds to work their magic!

**All sessions must be paid upfront. After you have scheduled your apt time, payment can be made by dropping it off to   Our Soul Centre or through etransfer to



I would highly recommend the Singing Bowl Massage! I experienced a profound sense of relaxation, balancing and grounding at the same time. Thank you ~ Julie Talbot, Goderich ON. 

Very deep, Would be beneficial for anyone who is open! One of the deepest states I've ever experienced through a healing modality. ~ Dawson M, Stratford

I came into my session in an extreme "mummy" rush, but I am leaving a whole new person, I feel like the most relaxed "Blob", like I've slept for 25 hours. I feel like I can face anything that's thrown at me, I'm relaxed, ready & focused ~ K.T. Goderich, On 

I found this session to be deeply relaxing & therapeutic. The sound vibrations seem to seep through the big muscles of the body (ie. hips, thighs) and bring a level of relaxation not found in regular massage ~ Finola M. Goderich Ont. 

My singing bowl massage with Shannon was deeply enjoyed, truly relaxing and a great effective way to watch thoughts go by. As you focus back to the sound you easily just observe. ~ Jackie Dickson

I had a very relaxing and comforting session. Shannon is very talented! It seemed I was surrounded at various points with additional singing bowls and I experienced a very natural feeling of energy flowing. ~ Connie H.H.

I loved the session! Deep relaxation with swirls of energy around me. ~ Jeanette, Clinton Ont. 

Very soothing, the sounds and vibrations felt very healing, waves of ripples mended my aura, even physical areas on the body. Felt clean and grounded. Loved the shake! ~ S. Brushett Goderich

A true gift and blessing to receive! Wow!! This session is phenomenally wonderful! Shannon is gentle & pays close attention to every detail of your peace, relaxation & posture! Feel the vibrations deeply rising through each direction of the body relaxing & soothing every muscle & tendon, bringing a true sense of peace! The subtle vibrations of the bowls linger deep in the essence of the body; healing at the deepest levels (molecules)  bringing a sense of wonder, uplifting, reviving and powerfully grounding.  100% recommending this session to each and every person to experience for their own healing! C. Brushett Goderich

Transported to another world. Feeling completely whole! Deeply relaxed and feeling in a state of effortless "floating". Both my energy body & physical body feel in balance! I highly recommend Shannon & her transformative work. Shannon Malolepszy, Stratford Ont.