Soul Journeys

 Awaken Your Worth, Be Your Authentic Self,  Own Your Journey...


Soul Journeys with Spiritual Teacher & Healer, Jackie Dickson.

Life-long clairvoyant intuitive experiences along with her long-time exploration of various healing modalities, has brought her here, to help others awaken their own gifts and offer spiritual guidance and healing along the way.

Jackie is about tapping into your Unconditional Self-Love, Awakening your Self-Worth and living your True Authentic Life with Passion, Purpose, & Fun! Learning to Love and Trust yourself, and others. 

Bringing Peace and Bliss into your life. 

Jackie will be at Our Soul Centre Every Thursday 10am-5pm, for walk-ins or appointments! 

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Learn to Journey in Your Truth, 

Honor Your Truth,

Trust & Love Your Self & Others

and to Just Be…


Angel Card Readings: 

Angel cards a fantastic & fun Divination tool. Readings are an accurate and loving way to receive guidance and insight from your angels on any aspect of your life! Angels help and communicate with us in so many ways. 

Card Readings are an accurate and loving way for you to receive guidance and insight from your Angels and/or Spirit Guides  on any aspect of your life. Jackie uses a variety of decks; Angel Tarot, Angel Oracle, Native Spirit and Shaman Wisdom cards in a variety of different ways and spreads for specific types of readings. 

Basic 3 Card Spreads, Relationship Spreads, Feng Shui Spread, X Marks the Spot, Celtic Cross Spread, Medicine Wheel Spread along with other personally styled spreads. 

Her variety of decks and spreads allows Jackie to attune her readings to your individual needs and desires. Jackie is guided in-session as to which deck and spreads to use. 

Angel Parties: A fantastically fun way to receive an introduction to the Angels, how they help and communicate with us in so many ways, and a little bit on how to work with the,. Host/Hostess will receive a Free full hour reading after having 6-8 guests participate in a $25 mini-reading(15 mins)

Access, release and replace all the limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs and programs in your subconscious mind to transform your life! It is one of the quickest, most effective ways to make positive changes to your life.

Hands-on Energy Healing. Originated from ancient Tibetans. Evolved and termed through Indian and Oriental cultures. A healing process known to provide healing at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, facilitating alignment of  cosmic and universal energies within your own chakras and body.


Exchange Guide (per hour):

Combined Sessions………...$150

Angel Card Readings……...$120

ThetaHealing Sessions...….$110

Reiki Sessions…….…………..$80


♥♥♥ During consultations you will receive a mini-healing session!


More Services:

Even more fun! Book an Angel Card Party! Angel parties include a quick introduction of myself, along with an introduction to the Angels. How they help and communicate with us in so many ways, and $25 mini-readings (15 minutes) for attendees. Host/Hostess will receive a full hour Angel Card Reading for Free in honor of having 6 to 8 people attend and have readings at a party. 

My Journey

Exploring, learning and studying  various healing concepts, modalities and self-care has been a long-time, ongoing journey of mine. Over the years, what I have found is that certainly, there is not one distinct path to healing, however there is definitely common basic needs for everyone that are fundamental to healing themselves and their lives. Those include, the capacity to fully understand and experience Unconditional Love, Trust, Compassion, and Self-Worth. All of these happen from within ourselves. My goal is, to share my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible as a career, and to journey with them in experiencing it for themselves and with others. It is here you will make truly permanent, profound and positive changes in every single aspect of your life… 

My Explorations:

· Sonic Sound Medicine & Music

· Journaling and Writing

· Yoga (12+ years practicing)

· Shamanism & Native Spirituality

· Tantra

· Essential Oils; Physical & Emotional Healing

· Mediumship & Angel Cards, Angel Numbers & Angel Therapy

· Gems & Crystal Therapy


 ThetaHealing Advanced DNA ®

Level 1 Reiki Practitioner

Certified Angel Card Reader ®

Heart Message: 
The only way to be completely open to receive the truly fulfilling lives we all deserve, is through nurturing, loving, understanding, and honoring Ourselves. It is then, we can truly share this gift with others, including our children, to create Communities of  Love, Trust,  Compassion & Understanding.



I had an impromptu card reading from Jackie @ the store Anniversary open house. I found the reading to be incredibly accurate and the synchronicities that arose thru the reading as affirmations to my life situations - were deeply helpful to my relationships. Her authentic + warm approach was a welcoming invitation to just let Spirit + the messages flow. I highly recommend Jackie. ~ Shannon M, Stratford

I found this session very informative & a really good feeling about everything, Thanks to you! ~ H. Essex, Goderich. 

Jackie was very intuitive & read the cards with grace & patience. Experience was awesome! Caroline, Exeter.