Its Summer!! It Henna Time!

Book your Henna Session for Saturdays @ Our Soul Centre

Henna designs have been placed on people, mainly women for centuries. It dates back over 9000 yrs. Henna is a plant that produces a red dye from its leaves. The leaves are ground and mixed into a paste which is applied to the skin in intricate patterns. 
Henna has been used in cultural and religious practices in over 60 countries. Henna is 100% all Natural and safe for all ages. 

Henna designs can be simple or intricate. The choice is yours! Henna stains the skin after is dries, this stain will last roughly 2 weeks.

Henna has been thought to ward of evil, and is applied for celebrations and holidays. It can be applied to the hands, baby bellies, feet, legs, arms, and backs. It has been a show of wealth, beauty and is known to bring good luck, fertility and love. P.S traditionally no housework is to be done while the bridal henna is visible.  

Our Soul Centre has amazing artists and will be offering sessions by appointment, as well as walk-ins (as available) on Saturdays. It is best to call and book your session.  

Pricing varies for each piece as each session is unique. 

Henna is great for Events/ Parties, Fundraisers, Ladies Nights, Bridal Parties, Vacations, Reunions and more! The possibilities are endless! How will you enjoy having Henna?

Call Our Soul Centre today to book your first session! 519-612-1665 or email to find out more about booking an event!

 Henna Design Prices

                                         Children’s Designs                                           

Finger                             $3.00  

Small                              $5.00

Full Hand                       $12.50

-With Wrist                $15.00

Large                              $20.00

                                                        Head**                           $35.00                                                        

                                                                          Adult Prices                                                                                                                             

Baby Belly                       $55.00

Finger                                      $5.00

Small                                        $10.00

 Full Hand                                $25.00  

   -With Wrist                         $30.00  

Large                                       $45.00

 Head**                                    $50.00


*Prices Vary depending on design

* Head Designs for anyone going through Cancer treatments, Such as Chemo or Radiation please inquire with Artists.