Inspirational Shaman

Doug Crease

At Inspirational Shaman you will find that many illness or dis-ease from which you suffer, has its cause in the spiritual part of your being. The Shaman can directly dialogue with Spirit to find out how Spirit will give you the healing you seek. 

 Shamanic Divination: You will receive answers to questions or concerns that trouble you. The helping Spirits, in the form of power animals allies, spirit teachers, and ancestors, provide the modern day Shamanic practitioner with insights and guidance from hidden sources. The Shaman will help by getting the information directly from the Spirit of Nature. 

Power Animal Restoration: Your power animal is your guardian angel or spirit. The Power Animal is with you from birth, providing you with protection, guidance and power. People often lose their connection with their helping spirit. The Shaman can find your Animal, reintroduce you with this spirit and give some help in maintaining a good relationship with them.

Extraction: If you were to get a sliver in your finger, another way to look at it would be that your physical body had an intrusion. You would extract the sliver with a pair of tweezers, and that would be a physical extraction.

Just as your physical body can have an intrusion, your spiritual body may also take on an intrusion. Spiritual intrusions come into being from negative thought forms. If you send angry thought forms to someone else, if they have an "opening" or loss of power in their spirit body, it may manifest as an intrusion. You may also suffer an intrusion from not expressing yourself, and stuffing your emotions. There is a difference between expressing your anger, and sending your anger. The answer is not to "not feel" your emotions, but to transmute the energy, so you don't do harm to yourself or anyone else.

If you experience localized pain or illness, you may have a spiritual intrusion. The Shaman does an extraction by pulling the misplaced energy from the person's body, and putting it into water. Once neutralized in water, the energy is free to be relocate into the Universe, to be "recycled".

Psychopomp: A Shaman heals both the living and the deceased. The Shaman performs a Psychopomp Ceremony of helping those who have died to cross over to a comfortable and peaceful place. The ceremony may also include clearing a home or land of spirits that are in a state of unrest. 

Soul Retrieval & Restoration: Soul Retrieval and Restoration is an ancient Shamanic technique used to return the integrity of one's psyche that has been shattered due to trauma and abuse. 

Each of these services with Doug are $100 per hour, most sessions run 60 - 90 minutes.

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