Ceremonial Loose Incense

Handcrafted with Herbs, Flowers & Tree Resins


As your incense burns:

1. Your Intentions are carried up through the smoke to Spirit, to hear & respond to your wishes, hopes & desires.

2. Feel your Intentions rising through the smoke, as it surrounds you & your space purifying the air, cleansing & amplifying energies.

Energy can be thought of like a river.. (Yes I am a leisure Kayaker...lol ) 

At times the river can carry through the current fallen debris such as leaves, branches, twigs, and so on. These can get caught in the rocks, along the edges, which may prevent or disrupt the beautifully moving flow of the water. 

Cleansing & purifying your energy and space with your Intentions through the smoke is very similar to clearing away any debris in the river, so the water (energy) can flow more freely & easily once again. 

Helping you to remain open & free, to prevent stagnation or build up of old energy