"Understanding numbers provides us with a simple and accurate meaning of our life in the same way as a road map helps us to navigate a route we have not previously travelled" ~ David Phillips PH. D.  The Complete Book Of Numerology.

 Numerology is a method of looking at life through the vibration of numbers.  Impressively accurate information can be revealed about you natural personality traits, heart's desire, life's challenges, career ideals, peak life experiences, life path and more!  

The most notable numerologist is probably Pythagoras, born is 608 B.C. Pythagoras founded a university devoted to this study of self-development, and believed the science of numbers was a way to integrate the physical, mental and spiritual components in every person's life. 

 A full numerology reading is based on your birthday and full name at birth.

Having been blessed with a numerology reading in her early 30's, Maria Nemes has been studying and applying the science of numbers for over a decade to help others understand the meaning of their journey, the way it did for her all those years ago.  

If you're ready to stop zig - zagging through life and desire a direct path to 
self-understanding, I invite you to book a reading.
Each session is $60 and approximately 1 hour long.

Always, Maria

Please contact Our Soul Centre through email or by calling 519.612.1665
For all Sessions make sure to include this information at time of booking. 
Your date of birth and full name at birth