Come and Enjoy our Library! 

 We want each of you to be able to experience all that is out there!

We encourage each person to bring in all your old SPIRITUAL ~ SELF HELP ~ HEALING Books, that you are no longer reading, that are collecting dust on your shelf, wipe them down and bring them in to SHARE!

Rules and Responsibilities of Our Soul Centre's Library!

Take out one or two at a time

Annual Fee of $5.00, unless you bring in books to donate!
If you don't bring a book back, you are unable to get a new book to borrow.

You have 3 weeks to borrow a book

This service is for each of us to expand and grow!

I Thank each of you who have donated to this ever growing library full of healing and love!


Donations are greatly accepted for this library, 
as this makes the library continue to all those in our area.