Past Life Regressions are very common 

today for many people.

A past life regression is a journey into your deep memories. By shutting out all outside sources and delving into your peace of mind, you can find pictures, meanings and explanations that will resonate with your being.

In a guided meditation past life regression you have more control over your experience and a better recall of events. You may also travel back to the same lifetime more than once, 
as their might be something else waiting for you to discover.
We use guided meditations to bring us to the place where we can visualize, 
and experience the lessons we need to learn from.

Many times, we travel from life to life, and not always learn the true lesson in which we need to. A past life Regression is very helpful in this situation. We are now able to learn the lessons, and bring them into our present time,  to experience and move forward in our spiritual life.

Some people say Karma travels from one life to the next with us until we heal from these lessons. As well it can be built into our DNA from previous incarnations. A very common profound statement is that
 ‘we are spiritual beings having a physical experience’
No matter how you look at it, we are in a time of healing all past issues.
Many situations can arrive in our ‘present day’ lives that can be accounted for in a past life.

 Examples can include these instances:
-If you were abused in a previous life, this may restrict your comfort with intimacy now.
-If you experienced a traumatic death of drowning in a past life, you may have an intense fear in this lifetime.

The possibilities are endless as to how a past life can affect today’s life, so how do we break these patterns?

Being able to access past life experiences can be very helpful not only for healing, but also for shifting towards your higher purpose in life. This is happening more frequently as we shift to our soul’s purpose in life now. Our past lives can hold clues for us to fully understand where we are headed and how to achieve the results our souls are committed to accomplishing.
Allow yourself to begin by believing in your inner truth, the voice inside as it begins to expand into the vast universe with trust and ease.