I am so happy and grateful that you have been guided to learn Reiki!

 I am honored to have you here!

Reiki can become simply a way of living, thinking, feeling, and experiencing everything around you.

Each class includes a Certificate of Completion, Workbook/ Manual, Attunement, and our Lineage

Please email me to discuss the many options of daytime classes, to setting a date for the class.

(I ask that all Reiki Students refrain from drinking caffeine/alcohol, and smoking for 12 hours prior to the class. This is to allow your body more ample time begin the healing process. I also ask that you drink 8 full glasses of water 24 hours prior to your class. Along with 8 glasses each day after your class. Also for a full day class, please bring your lunch. We will be having about a half an hour break for lunch.)

1st Degree Reiki:

Learn the history and healing energy of Reiki. This level works with the physical body and self healing. 

Tuition is $150.00 (8hr in class)

Some of the subjects that we learn during class are:

History of Reiki

Reiki and Energy

The Relaxation Response

The Seven Chakras

Hand Positions, Scanning and feeling the Energy

Grounding Oneself

Intent vs. Ego

In class practice of Reiki on Oneself, along with practicing on a partner


You will receive a manual, and certificate to take home.

Email for class dates!


2nd Degree Reiki 

Deepen your Reiki knowledge and energy flow with the use of the sacred Reiki symbols, which are also used in performing long distance healing. This level focuses on the emotional and mental aspects of healing.

Tuition is $150.00 (8hrs in class)

I am so thankful and excited that you are interested in developing your reiki further! Second degree enhances the energy you access and release through the palms of your hands and expanding your capacity to receive and channel energy.

Some Individuals find that the first level is sufficient for their needs. Others feel that they should go further in experiencing the energy and within Second Degree.

Some of the material Covered in Class includes:

Three sacred symbols and how to use them

Basic understandings of healing with the symbols

Our Guides


You will receive a manual, and Certificate to take home

Email for class dates

Master/Teachers Degree:

Learn the final Reiki Symbols, & learn to teach Reiki to others.

This is an in depth class, reaching the soul level. You will learn additional symbols to use in Reiki. Learn to reach a higher level of vibration of consciousness and become more creative.

Tuition $800, 16 hours in class, can be spread over 3 days.

At this level, students usually want to go deeper into the practice and use of Reiki energy as well as the commitment to guiding others through their Reiki journey (Ability to be a mentor to others).

This degree enhances the flow of energy through the hands once again, taking us another step along the path of awakening consciousness. Reiki becomes a way of life. In this class you receive the final symbols. Students will become a clear channel for transmitting the Reiki Energy.

        Some of the material covered includes:

Meaning and usage of three symbols

Two Therapeutic Attunements

General Information on Developing a Reiki Practice

The Theory and Practice of Attunements

Responsibilities of a Reiki Teacher

Your Attunement to the Master Symbols and Teachers Degree

Manual and Certificate of Completion

For further information, or to reserve your place in class, please contact Connie at conniebrushett@gmail.com

Connie Brushett, 

Reiki Master Teacher & Shamanic Practitoner

  Professional Education:

2010 - Reiki Master/Teacher

2009 - 3rd Degree Usui Reiki

2008 - 1st and 2nd Degree Usui Reiki

For my Reiki lineage, please feel free to email me, requesting my lineage and I will send it out to you!


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Connie:Reiki with Connie at our place on the shore was the "initiation" of a new journey for my daughters & I! We can continue to explore & find numinous ventures, thanks Connie:)
Showers of blessings from Switzerland, January 2013