Distance Healing Treatment are for everyone who wants to experience the benefits of having a Reiki Treatment from the comfort of your own home, or when you are unable to get out for the treatments due to having busy schedules, etc.

There are two options for distance treatments, one for ourselves, and one for our animals! These treatments are usually going to happen on Tuesday Mornings. 

I am so happy and grateful that you are here! I am looking forward to helping you with these changes that are about to start happening in your life!

Weekly Distance Healing:

It has been a great pleasure having regular clients, although I do know that many people are unable to travel to receive treatments, as well as get the treatments that are needed so dearly.

I feel that this can be a life changing experience for many people! Distance healing can be very powerful for each individual, as the energy goes towards the areas that are in the most need.

I will be doing the treatments usually on Tuesday mornings. If there are any changes in this it will be posted on Facebook.

Sign up for $25.00 a month, you get a weekly treatment in the comfort of your own home in your surroundings! That works out to be roughly $6.25 per treatment!

You can follow me on facebook, and I can answer any questions you have as well as see any comments that I may have after the treatments.

*If the treatment is not for yourself, and for someone you love, please send me an email with their name, and age. Pictures are more than welcome, as I love working with pictures of people.

 Distant Shamanic Reiki Sessions available as well

Find more info here

 Weekly Distance Healing for our Companions: 

I love giving reiki to animals! The results are amazing!

Animals are one of the greatest for receiving reiki energy. They know when they want it and how much they need.

With that said, Your animal will know that they are safe, and that they are in control of the amount of energy they take through the treatment. As with any individual.

Many animals are suffering from not being able to receive the reiki treatments they need! This can allow them to receive the treatments in the comfort of their own homes. We take care of ourselves, we have to take care of our companions as well.

$25.00 a month per home. No matter how many animals in the home. You are able to follow my facebook page for updates on the treatments, ask any questions, as well as any comments that I may have after the treatments. I will be doing the distance treatments usually on a Thursday Evening, if there are any changes in this it will be posted on the Facebook group.

I very much enjoy working with pictures of the animals. Once you are signed up, I ask that if you are able and willing to send me a picture through email, I would greatly enjoy working with it. I look forward to working with you, as well as your animals!

 Terms and Conditions

1. All Members of the Weekly Distance Reiki Healing sessions, both individual and Animal groups will be sent a distance healing each week, usually on Tuesday mornings. Any change in day will be posted on Our Soul Centre Facebook Page, which you are more than welcome to join! I encourage you to join so that we may communicate about the treatments.

2. The membership fee will be charged to you each month on the same day that you originally signed up. The transaction will be handled by Paypal. You financial information is presumably kept safe by Paypal and is not shared with or kept on file by Our Soul Centre under any circumstance.

3. You may cancel at any time though your Paypal account, or through the unsubcribe button below.

4. Refunds will not be made if you do not cancel your payment before your next billing, however, if you have paid for the next billing cycle, weekly healings will continue to be sent unless you contact oursoulcentre@gmail.com  and request otherwise. If you've paid for it, you will receive it!

5. Either party may cancel this agreement at any time for any reason without prior notice. As stated in #4 above, your healings will continue thru the end of your last paid billing cycle.

6. The price you agreed to pay when you sign up is the price you will continue to pay. If there is any change in the membership fee, that price is not passed on to you. For example, if you signed up at $25.00 a month, and the membership is changed to $35.00 a month, you will continue to pay $25.00 for the entire time you are a member of the weekly reiki healing sessions.

6. As Reiki is becoming more recognized among the medical community, Our Soul Centre uses the term 'Healings' as a generic term for sending reiki energy. The words 'cure' or 'treatment' for specific conditions is not guaranteed or implied. It is always recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning any kind of treatment program.