Shamanic Extractions

Shamanic extraction is powered by the Shaman merging with healing spirit allies. This makes it a potent healing method for removing auric blockages, and other energy that is affecting a person's etheric and spiritual body.

Shamanic Extraction involves the Shamanic practitioner removing spiritual blockages and / or energies that exist within the aura of the body which can affect your life in adverse ways. These blockages often are caused by thought forms, emotions and vibrations, negative self thought, wounded memories, past circumstances that weigh us down, and other peoples energies, which can hinder us from being in harmony with ourselves. It is important to remember that 'intrusions' are not 'bad' but are only misplaced energy created by ourselves (through our thought processes) or are picked up from our environment.

These energetic intrusions can, over time, cause stress, trauma and illness if allowed to continue to restrict the natural flow of life force energy within the body. By restoring the flow of energy, it allows the body to relax, de-stress and brings a natural equilibrium back to the body.

During a Shamanic Reiki session, it may involve the release of these energies and blockages. This can be like a "spiritual hygiene" for our mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies.

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