Our Soul Centre

ATTENTION ALL SPIRITUAL SOULS... If your summer travels happen to take you to the beautiful town of Goderich Ontario... be sure to check out the amazing "OUR SOUL CENTRE" store on South St. Everything for your meditation practice/yogi life/spiritual growth and enjoy the bonus of meeting the stores beautiful owner, Connie Brushett ~ Shannon Malolepszy

Being in your store give me a simultaneous feeling of peace and a feeling of excitement of adventure - your books speak deeply to my inner self and inner life - even just browsing their titles and experiencing the good energy of the place, supported by all the events and treatments that go on there AND the crystal jewellery and ornaments you sell. Your centre is a touchstone to my soul when I visit Goderich from Kitchener. ~ Warmly, Taylor Jane Green BA, RIHR, CH

Just taking a few moments out of your day to spend in the store itself gives such a good calming feeling. Look around & take time to feel the positive energy Connie and all at Our Soul Centre has to offer . The most amazing gift you can give to yourself and others is PEACE and you can find it here!!!!  Raquel Kennedy

I have experienced the benefits of Reiki-Share.  It is a time to offer my hands to pass on light and love.  It is a time to share with other like-minded people.  It is a relaxing and healing time to receive a treatment.  Thanks you Connie and Our Soul Center for organizing this Reiki-Share in your locale. ~ Elizabeth Spaleta

"Been carrying my stones every day! Feels like they are helping, can't wait to charge them on Wed during the full moon!! Thanks Connie and Scott" ~ Kristie Lapointe, London Ontario

"Our Soul Centre is a strong addition to the retail business mix in our Downtown Core. We applaud Connie's passion, experience and commitment in providing holistic wellness to her customers" ~ Susan Armstrong, BIA Manager Goderich

Going into Our Soul Centre is dangerous because I KNOW I will find something helpful or inspiring or beautiful to behold. Every time I visit Connie's lovely and love filled-store, I truly enjoy the experience: the awesome products, the calming atmosphere, the lovely and knowledgeable people who will take the time to chat with you, and of course the beautiful environment. It is easy to register for the MANY healing experiences both at the store and online. Take the time to visit. You will be glad that you did.     ~D. Smith, Goderich ON

A unique experience every visit, with hidden treasures and chance encounters ~ W.C

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John of God Crystal Bed

My RA is in remission. I do believe the using the crystal bed on a weekly basis is in part some of this happening, even though it is not logical ~ DJ,

The crystal bed has brought more centeredness to me.  It allows that divine balance to be more central in you being and with that I have noted a clarity that comes~ Cindy Geisel, 

The Crystal Bed experience melted all the stress out of my system. I felt uplifted and giddy... completely different from getting onto the bed.  The environment around me took on a different hue, appearance and sound. It's a great attitude shifter! Judy D.  

"you feel as though you have come out in a new vibration with the crystal bed" ~ Scott Brushett, Goderich Ont, 

"I continue to use the crystal bed every week as I feel that it balances my energy. I have felt many energy shifts through my body, releasing blockages and old energy patterns. It is like a massage for the soul. Do not hesitate to experience this wonderful treatment so close to home. The bed comes from Brazil and we are blessed to have it at Our Soul Centre. Thanks Connie." ~ Sincerely Marlene, Goderich Ont. 

 "Yesterday was magical for me. I loved the crystal light bed-my treatment left me feeling lighter, clearer and just plain peaceful. I highly recommend the calming atmosphere for shopping to find that special spiritual item you've been looking for." ~Sue Rock, Grandbend Ont. 

Hi Connie

I visited your store last Sat 14th with my sister. You spoke to us regarding the benefits of the crystal bed. I experienced a treatment . I just want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for your kindness and insight-fulness . My chronic back pain is disappearing rapidly and I have a calmness I have not experienced in some time . I believe I was led to you by the divine powers that watch over me. From meeting Sean for the first time Fri night to meeting you on Sat.  Thank you so much Connie for being a part of my journey!! Xo   ~Wendy Klatt. 

I was able to see colors when I was just below consciousness, almost close to falling asleep. The sounds helped engage a more rooted feeling when starting. Close to the end I saw flaming colors of white, rose, purple & navy blue. ~ Etobicoke, On

Intense. Emotional. Beautiful. Unexpected. ~ J.Szelag, Burlington On. 

I've been having crystal bed sessions since 2013 (at various locations). They are ALWAYS helpful, relaxing, and healing at subtle levels. I feel more grounded and clear after each session without fail. ~ Waterloo, Ontario