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Intuitive Quantum Healer

Susan Marie

Are you in search of who you are or what your greater purpose in this life may be? Are you looking to uncover your hidden potential and expand your vision for yourself? Or are you already aware of your true calling and gifts, but looking to advance more quickly or leap ahead into something new? If so, Susan Marie may be able to help you.

The work I do is with the Benevolent Energy of God and is an absolute connection in preparation for the re-emergence with the genesis cell. We are entering into Christ Consciousness and the Christ Grid.

All chakras will be opened, and additional ones are added, the full Christ heart expansion, expansion of DNA light strands and connective streams in the body, as well as in the ethereal and universal realms and any miracle you need for your highest good.

In addition, there will be a building and expansion of all your merkabahs and the disc of Mu. All implants will be destroyed as well. Your pineal gland will be restored and activated.

This is an absolute awakening of your essence and remembrance of Prime Creator and your purpose.

All your DNA is healed at a morphogenetic and cellular level which eradicates all past life trauma and eliminates the Law of Karma and future generation. This will move you into the Art of Manifesting and more!

You know who you are. It is time.

The sessions last from 1-1.5hrs and I'm asking for $120 for the full 5D Activation and acceleration session. The old falls away to make room for the new.

From the time you book a session the Angels and other beings of Light go to you to begin the work. You will be aware of their presence.

After the activation, the healing and transition continues with the Angels for an additional 3-4 weeks until full integration.

You will not need "any" other additional sessions. All is completely done to allow you to move in 5D. The results are immediate.

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