Private Yoga Sessions with Shannon Rose Scott
Private yoga sessions are a beautiful opportunity to experience custom-designed yoga just for YOU!  Your sessions can have a spiritual, chakra-based focus, including meditations; be completely alignment-based therapeutics only, or include a combination of both.
 Sessions are for ALL AGES, all levels and capabilities:  whether you are a brand-new beginner, an advanced yoga student, or have injuries and/or limited mobility, I’ve got you covered.  Price includes a hand-written copy of your personalized practice.
$75 per hour for one lesson
$60 per hour for 4+lessons
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to arrange your booking.


"I was completely new to yoga when I signed up for De-Stress Yoga classes with Shannon. I was nervous and I didn't quite know what to expect. Shannon, you welcomed not only me, but also everyone with open arms. Each class had a different theme where you explained how the yoga poses we would be learning in class reflected the specific theme. After each class I felt more confident in many ways and my ability to cope with stress was growing. I felt comfortable enough to let my guard down and embrace each class, theme and pose with a new mindset. I left feeling refreshed and enlightened with the new knowledge you had taught me. Applying what I have learned in to my daily routine outside of class had worked wonders when coping with stress. I have a new appreciation for yoga and I can't thank you enough for that"  ~ Lyndia Murphy - Marysville, ON

"Shannon has an intuitive sense of when to boost the class' energy and when to embrace calmness. She guides us through these states with poses, mental awareness, and breathing techniques. I have especially benefited from the breathing techniques she shared. I have adopted breaths to instill calmness and others that keep me alert when studying. I feel thankful to have had Shannon Rose as a yoga teacher. As someone who has challenges with anxiety, I found her personality made the classroom a welcoming environment. Her enthusiastic and encouraging attitude made me look forward to every class." ~ J.D. - Age 30 - Ajax, ON

"Shannon Scott's yoga classes are light-hearted and alignment-focused. Being a student in her classes has allowed me to further my practice. It's not just what poses you do, it's how you do them" Steven White - Age 23 - Long Cove, Newfoundland

"When I met Shannon, I had been out of practice for a few years. Shannon's enthusiasm and dedication for alignment and muscular energy quickly had me hooked. I loved seeing her smiling face every week. I learned a new appreciation for yoga and for the gift of my body and mind. I have taken several of Shannon's classes, however the one that most impacted my life was her De-Stress Yoga. I live with an anxiety disorder which can be very debilitating. Through this class, Shannon's gentle guidance, I was able to use my awareness of my thoughts and emotions. The poses became more than just movement, but an action which rooted a deeper learning. This translated into my day to day as I learned to be mindful, and to not judge myself. Shannon's teaching has shown me balance and strength for both my practice and my life." ~ Crystal Bignell - Age 27 - Oshawa, ON

"Every great teacher makes his or her students feel welcomed; Shannon does just that. Shannon's energy and passion shine through in every yoga class. Always keeping safely in mind, she engages everyone with her extensive knowledge, sense of fun, and supportive nature. As a late comer to yoga, I am glad Shannon was the one to introduce me to this practice. I completed five or her [12 week] sessions and have experienced the benefits. I have improved flexibility and increased strength. Also, through the various exercises, I have a greater awareness of my breathing. Overall, I feel better and can't wait for my next yoga class. Thank You Shannon." ~ Sherri-Lynn Escoe - Age 55 - Whitby, ON

"This was my very first & formal yoga class - I wasn't sure what to expect and, truth be told, I was a bit nervous that I would be lost or left behind in a sea of experienced and dedicated yogis. Upon meeting Shannon for the first time and going through that very first class, I was immediately hooked on yoga! Shannon has an energy and happiness that simply exudes from her, and she ensures that each and every student feels welcomed and safe in her class. I look forward to practicing yoga thanks to Shannon's awesome class! Namaste xo." ~ Rebecca Holmes - Age 33 - Oshawa ON